Biodiversity interest group

CIRIA's biodiversity interest group is an opportunity for our members to come together and share information, discuss key topics, network and help shape CIRIA's work in the area. The biodiversity interest group will act as a working group to focus on delivering tangible outputs.

We see biodiversity as a key emerging issue that needs a clearer understanding within the industry, otherwise it can become a second thought or add on rather than an integrated part of a project. Currently, unless it is a protected species or habitat, biodiversity enhancements are voluntary but we want to see it going further than this.

It is the intention that the biodiversity interest group will discuss developments in the area, achievements in the industry, government initiatives and more. The group will also share knowledge on the topic from different sectors in the industry, learn about what is being achieved and focus on what tangible outputs can be delivered such as guidance, knowledge sharing, training and capacity building. We also want to identify areas where you could benefit from collaboration with the industry.

CIRIA's aim is to provide knowledge sharing and best practice with in the industry. To help us achieve this in biodiversity we have developed this group to support our members and understand how we can facilitate this further.

What the biodiversity interest group will do

The Biodiversity Interest Group attend four meetings a year to discuss biodiversity and recent developments in the area. The group also discusses how to raise the profile of biodiversity within the industry, and aims to achieve this by organising three events a year on relevant topics.

Past events have included:

  1. Biodiversity 2020 targets - understanding the targets and how the construction industry is going to reach them.
  2. Delivering biodiversity benefits on site - practical solutions. A site visit of the Kings Cross development.  
  3. Up skilling the industry - to meet the future demands and needs to reach the biodiversity 2020 targets.
  4. Biodiversity offsetting case study - understanding the biodiversity offsetting criteria for a site.  
The group also seeks to produce other outputs and campaigns including the BIG Challenge.

If you would like more information about the group or would like to be involved, please contact CIRIA on 020 7549 3300,

The BIG Challenge - do one thing

After three successful events including interesting discussions and ideas about how to raise awareness of biodiversity in the industry the group decided to launch the Biodiversity Interest Group Challenge. The BIG Challenge is to make one biodiversity enhancement on your site and development and to build upon this. For more information please click here.

The Group will continue next year with more events planned and further outputs.

If you would like more information about the group or would like to be involved, please contact CIRIA on 020 7549 3300,