Asbestos from soil site management aid (RP1050)

Asbestos can be found in most construction sites in the UK and our understanding on how low exposure could kill is still limited. The current guidance on asbestos from soil is all in form of a report. However, they are not very accessible to many ground workers and site staff. More is needed to protect many of these 2.2 million construction professionals in the UK who are ‘on the front line’.

This project will produce the first UK interactive aide/tool in smart phones or tablets for ground workers and other site workers dealing with asbestos contaminated materials on site. 
The project is a natural evolution of CIRIA’s series of projects and activities to promote good practice for managing asbestos from soil and will be supported by the CIRIA report C765, Asbestos in soil and made ground good practice site guide and other relevant guidance documents to help those who encounter asbestos in soils on site, to continue working safely, wherever possible.

The aid should be used in conjunction with relevant absestos guidance and whilst it is not a replacement to specialist advice or laboratory testing, it will help increase effiency on making decision when suspected asbestos is unexpectedly encountered; and will compliment organisations' exisiting risk management procedures.

Project status
Launch will take place late 2019.

Further information
To find out more and get involved, please email Joanne Kwan at CIRIA.