Managing archaeology in construction (RP1059)

Archaeology is a major factor in construction and development and archaeological remains are treated as a material consideration in the planning process.

Archaeological finds on a construction site – whether expected or unexpected – can lead to delays to project programmes and extra costs. However, when managed effectively, these risks can be minimised, and archaeological remains can present opportunities to add value to development projects. 

This project will update CIRIA’s Archaeology and development - a good practice guide to managing risk and maximising benefit (C672) to reflect the latest developments in technologies and practice, changes in legislation and planning advice.
The update will include (but not limited to):
The drivers and requirements for effective management of Archaeology. This will include updates in legislation and planning guidance such as NPPF.
An understanding of the risks from Archaeological remains and how they can be effectively managed throughout the planning and development process. This Includes a revised structure which clearly follows the planning and development process at each stage and highlights good practice at managing risks such as delays and extra costs.
The roles and responsibilities of individuals at each stage of the development process.
The benefits that Archaeology can bring to a development when managed effectively including the benefits of integrating archaeology into schemes or projects, thus changing the way that it is viewed and valued.
Good practice in managing Archaeology including new technologies such as mobile GIS for on site data capture, BIM, drones, photogrammetry & laser, illustrated by case studies.

Read the full project proposal for details. 

The main output will be a guide containing up to date practical guidance including checklists to support good practice through the various stages of the planning and development process. The guide will include up to date case studies demonstrating good practice and sharing learning outcomes. 

Project status

This project is now underway. Additional funding is being sought.

Project funders
Arcadis, Archaeological Officers (ALGAO:UK), Archaeology South East, the Association of Local Government, Balfour Beatty, Costain, Environment Agency,  the Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers (FAME), Highways England, LP Archaeology, Mott MacDonald, Orion Heritage, Sir Robert McAlpine.

Further information
For more information and to get involved in the update, please contact CIRIA.