The management  of advanced numerical modelling in geotechnical engineering (RP1058)

Numerical analysis using finite element and finite difference methods has become a mainstream design tool within geotechnics in the last decade or so. This is due to the development of sophisticated yet accessible 2D and 3D computer programs that can realistically model the ground and adjacent structures. With increasing reliance placed on this type of complex modelling effective training in the use of this technology and effective procedures to validate the analyses are required.

The objectives of the project are: 
  • Provide an overview of the validation process for numerical analysis 
  • Outline the potential benefits and pitfalls of using numerical procedures 
  • What to expect and what NOT to expect from finite element calculations
  • What managers of the users of finite element software need to understand
  • What project managers need to understand
  • Asking the right questions when guiding and supervising numerical analysis
Project status
This guidance is due for release Autumn 2019

Further information
To find out more and get involved, please contact Kieran Tully at CIRIA.