Abandoned mineworkings manual (RP940)

In 1984 CIRIA published SP32 Construction over abandoned mine workings. It was a seminal publication which is still widely used by industry some 26 years after being commissioned. A project to update the guide has been underway for several years. The new Manual is considerably more than an update of SP32 as it has been expanded, both in scope and content and significantly rewritten. The new manual also addresses many new areas where practices and principles are emergent and have required considerable discussion amongst the Project Steering Group. Some of these areas are still being debated.

Project status

Given the wealth of information contained in the new manual, as principal funders of the work, the Coal Authority have agreed with CIRIA that the chapter drafts are made available to the community prior to finalisation. The draft guides can be found here.

For further details please contact Chris Chiverrell

Project funders

Coal Authority, Defra, East Midlands Development Agency, Health & Safety Executive, Homes & Communities Agency, Network Rail, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Welsh Assembly Government.

Research contractor

Consortium led by White Young Green, with Arup, Wardell Armstrong, and Newcastle University.