A site guide for managing ground gasses (RP1125)

Hazardous ground gases can cause serious problems to residential, industrial and commercial developments. Over the past 25 years, more than 30 good practice guidance documents have been published and although our understanding about how to carry out appropriate risk assessment and how to carry out and verify good protection measures have improved in the past decade, ground gas problems still exist in many developments 

Recent consultation carried out by CIRIA indicated the problems is partly due to inadequate awareness and skill gap among some ‘general’ construction professionals particularly contractors, site managers etc. on how to look after gas protection measures being installed and verified.    
Project objectives 
This project will produce a site guide which will explain:
  • why the risk management approach is appropriate for the site
  • what are the options for protection measures and why a particular measure is chosen for their site
  • what to look out for when supervising installation and verification of  ground gas protection measures 
  • how to look after the protection measures after they have been installed and verified e.g. to ensure follow on trade and  other activities on site will not damage the ground gas protection measures
  • examples of good and bad practice 

Project status

This project has started 
Research contract has been appointed to EPG.

We are seeking industry views on site related issues to assist in the development of the site guide. 
Please share your views & experiences in this questionnaire by Monday 1 February 2021!

Further information
For further information or to get involved with this project please contact Joanne Kwan
Project proposal
(Adobe PDF File)