A guide for developments on ‘small’ contaminated sites (RP1032)

Although a lot of developers and land owners do not make any distinction on the size of the site, physical restrictions often reduce the risk management options.  Many of these ‘smaller projects’ are also built by small builders (i.e. those who build fewer than 100 homes a year). According to a recent study by NHBC, they often have ‘serious’ problems with lenders.  

Over 200 guidance documents have been produced to help contaminated land professionals to redevelop brownfield sites in the UK. The majority of these are focused on bigger developments/sites and they do not always address the needs of smaller  such as:
  • more limited scope for site investigation due to the size of the site, budget and access constraints etc. These also restricted the choice of remediation methods.
  • the client and may be even their professional advisers are likely to be SMEs and less aware of good practice and recent new developments in the subject.
This project will help construction professionals involved in small developments to understand:
  • the roles of regulators/warranty providers (in simpler way)
  • how to overcome access & limited space restrictions
  • how to plan the development layout in a smarter way
  • manage waste & soil
  • the cost effectiveness  and benefits of off-site treatment facilities as well as in-situ and other less disruptive remedial techniques.
Project status

H Fraser Consulting has been selected as the research contractor to undertake  this research.

Further information

For more information and to get involved in the project, please contact Joanne Kwan.