Checking and approving advanced numerical modelling (P2895)

Numerical modelling in geotechnical engineering has become ever more critical due to the higher level of variability and unpredictability of design parameters extracted from ground investigations. As a result, checking the validity of numerical models has become even more crucial.

The developments of various modelling software have created a requirement for greater understanding of methods and underlying assumptions used, in particular the need to check input parameters and constitutive models. Modelling issues such as meshing routines and element types are an aspect that needs further consideration. Additionally, calibration of models through more stringent testing of elements and components within chosen software would help build stronger confidence from modellers in the eventual outputs applied to future designs.

CIRIA is planning to develop guidelines that will help alleviate some of the issues along with additional training and development of less experienced modellers which is integral to understanding the formation and behaviour of complex numerical models. The benefits of adequate numerical modelling validation include:

  • Reduced risk through an improved qualitative understanding of problems being modelled.
  • A reduction in time and resources to correct any problems that do arise further down the line of geotechnical designs.
  • Consistency and uniformity within the industry.

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Project status

CIRIA is seeking engagement with industry and funding support for the project.

Further information
To find out more contact Chris Chiverrell at CIRIA.