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Supporting the sector with new IP guidance

This Buildoffsite and CIRIA project aims to provide guidance for the management and effective use of intellectual property in construction. Current guidance is limited and this guide will be relevant to a wide range of clients, their advisors, designers and suppliers. It will also help to create an environment which will help incentivise suppliers to develop products, possibly in collaboration with clients and other suppliers. 

The guide will cover:
  • Different types of IP which can be protected
  • Whether and how IP belongs to clients or designers
  • How project portfolios and programmes may benefit from IP strategies
  • How to overcome barriers and challenges
  • The role of standards in enabling the development and exploitation of IP
  • The role of certification in bringing suitable products to market
  • Areas where innovation is happening through the effective control and management of intellectual property
  • Incentivisation including possible funding sources (e.g. R&D grants)
Project status
This project is currently seeking technical and financial support.

Further information
For further information or to get involved with this project please contact Dirk Vennix.