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Scoping the SuDS Manual update (P3256)

The SuDS Manual (C753), 2015 is a compendium of good practice, based on guidance and research both in the UK and internationally, as well as the practical experience of the authors, project steering group and broader practitioners. It is widely recognised as a trusted and comprehensive ‘one-stop-shop’ reference document covering the SuDS philosophy and approach as well as technical detail for the major SuDS components. 

Since the last update of the SuDS Manual in 2015, the knowledge base for SuDS has evolved as their implementation increases and relevant scientific research continues. This has strengthened practical experience and empirical evidence to inform good practice and an improved understanding of key principles. In light of these advances and policy changes over the last six years, it is now timely to work with stakeholders to map out how the SuDS Manual should be updated to support continued good practice in the delivery of SuDS and broader environmental outcomes.

The final project output will be a scoping report detailing which sections of the SuDS Manual should be updated, how it should be refocused and restructured, what information should be included and an estimate of resources required.

Project status
This proposal is currently fundraising and seeking industry support.

Further information

For further information download the full proposal below and to get involved, please contact Louise Walker at CIRIA.