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Eco-engineering: Greening coastal infrastructure (P3216)

Over the past few years, academics worldwide have been researching and trialing innovative methods of adapting typical engineered coastal assets to boost biodiversity and quality in local ecosystems. It is recognised across academia that this “eco-engineering” is not common practice in industry, however, if implemented, there are signs that this could contribute heavily to the UK challenge of increasing grey infrastructure sustainability, particularly along our coastal regions.

This project will produce a set of case studies of eco-engineering schemes, outlining the benefits, concerns and lessons learned. It will aim to create recommendations for a range of typical scenarios, how to create an attractive business case for an eco-engineering programme whilst maintaining financial sustainability.

we are currently seeking financial and technical support for this project.

Further information
If you are interested in this topic, please contact Jack Young at CIRIA.

Project Proposal
(Adobe PDF File)