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Containment systems for pollution control – Supplementary guidance (P3212)

CIRIA R164 Design of containment systems for the prevention of water pollution from industrial incidents  (1997)  was updated and replaced in 2014 by CIRIA C736. This drew on practice and lessons learned from recent incidents, particularly Buncefield.

The current guide has a greater focus on maintenance, repair, extension and upgrading, which accounts for  a large proportion of the work being undertaken on such installations.

Continued demand for this free guidance has been demonstrated by industry with over 5500 unique downloads across over 2000 organisations. The guide is widely used and referred to by a range of sectors and regulators.

Over the past six years, experience of the inspection, upgrading and repair of such structures has developed, as have innovative approaches to delivering the principles set out in the guide. This ranges from new techniques and materials through to some refinement in interpretation of the guidance. The purpose of this proposal is to produce a supplement to the guide drawing on this experience.

Phase 1 of the project consisted of an industry survey and webinar to scope out the content of the supplement. Phase 2 is the drafting of the guidance

Currently seeking financial and technical support.

Further information
If you are interested in this topic, please contact Andy Moores at CIRIA.