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Scour at bridges and other hydraulic structures supplement - Phase 2 (P3199)

Scour at bridges and other structures, can cause expensive damage to structures as well as economic and social disruption. Understanding of scour mechanisms and mitigation measures continues to increase, both through experience of specific incidents and via research and the application of its outputs. This project will review recent experience and research and capture this information in a supplement to CIRIA's existing manual on scour at bridges and other hydraulic structures C742 (2015).

A second phase to this project is being considered which would develop an on-line database of relevant guidance and research summaries. If you would be interested in supporting this extension to the work, please contact CIRIA.


Phase 1 has been completed. Download the supplementary guide here.

Fundraising for phase 2 - database extension underway.

Further information

If you are interested in this topic, please contact Andy Moores at CIRIA.

Project proposal
(Adobe PDF File)