CIRIA Piling guides – good practice guidance (P3198)

CIRIA’s suite of piling guides were first published in the mid-70s and 80s and since then there has been tremendous advancement in the range of techniques, plant and equipment and materials used in the construction of piled foundations. There have also been changes to design standards, codes of practice and legislation during this time. These guides were very well received by industry at the time for their effectiveness in informing the reader on a whole range of piling related issues whether they were just starting their career or seasoned professionals.

CIRIA proposes to undertake research to produce a new suite of guides covering the techniques, plant and equipment, and materials of today. The intention is to produce a second generation of guides building on the success of the earlier guides.  Some of the topics covered will remain the same, and some will be new. We do not intend to cover in detail topics where there is existing guidance in place.  

To start, we propose to develop good practice guidance on problems associated with cast-in-place concrete piles as this is likely to provide the greatest financial benefit to specialist contractors and clients managing large infrastructure projects. This will also complement another CIRIA project underway on zero defects for cast in-situ concrete.
Contact Kieran Tully for more information. 

Download a copy of the project proposal.