A site guide for managing ground gas protection systems (P3185)

Hazardous ground gases can cause serious problems to residential, industrial and commercial developments.   CIRIA has published over 10 good practice reports on ground gases. This includes CIRIA report C735 Good practice on the testing and verification of protection systems for buildings against hazardous ground gases, published almost 5 years ago.

However there are still cases where such systems were not installed or managed properly, this is partly because some of these documents are big and are not very accessible to individuals such as site managers.  This project will look to overcome these obstacles by producing a concise, easy to digest guide.
Project objectives

This project will produce a short guide highlighting:
how to ensure that the protection measures are suitable for the site
what to look out for when supervising installation and verification of  ground gas protection measures
how to ensure other activities on site will not damage the ground gas protection measures  
examples of good and bad practice 

Project status

This project is currently in development

Further information
For further information or to get involved with this project please contact Joanne Kwan