P3181 - Earth observation and InSAR technology for civil infrastructure

Project Summary
CIRIA will deliver a civil infrastructure stakeholder consultation roundtable to identify industry requirements of InSAR technology, develop an understanding of InSAR use for civil infrastructure, and support the development of good practices.

Following a meeting convened by CIRIA between representatives of the Environment Agency, Highways England, Network Rail, and TEAM2100, CIRIA seek sponsors and participants to register interest in an industry representative roundtable (with modified Chatham House rules) to:
1. Raise awareness to the requirements of civil infrastructure stakeholders 
2. Improve on the current understanding of applications to civil infrastructure 
3. Source experiences, knowledge and information to support the development of civil infrastructure good practice.

It is expected that CIRIA will channel the findings from the roundtable for further research and development proposals. GE, EMAP Publishing Limited, is invited to interview selected guests on the day (subject to availability) and to use the findings for a GE article on the topic.

Opportunities and benefits of involvement
Thought leadership and industry positioning promoted through CIRIA’s marketing campaign.
Direct learning from leading industry professionals across many disciplines.
Influence and shape a potential research project scope.
Engagements and relationship building with fellow guests.
Stand and marketing space at the roundtable. 
Potential to partner with CIRIA and other guests for follow-on events and collaborative activities.

Project Status
CIRIA is looking for support to take this proposal forward.  If you are interested please contact Lee Kelly at CIRIA or call 020 7549 3300.

Download the full proposal below.