Engineering with geosynthetics (P3156)

Since CIRIA’s published guidance on this subject SP123 - Soil reinforcement with geotextiles there have been considerable advances in the application of geotextiles and geosynthetic materials as a viable solution.

CIRIA propose to develop guidance that will better support efforts to specify, install, manage and maintain typical geosynthetic systems used in the construction industry and civil engineering sector. The guidance will cover general design considerations and whole-life cycle management, including guidance for inspection, defect identification and options for remediation.

Project key objectives
Identify the range of commonly used geotextiles and geosynthetics and their applications.
Provide good practice design considerations.
Typical construction and installation methods.
Include a number of case studies to show good practice implemented successfully.
Outline the benefits of using good practice procedures.
Engage with geotechnical engineers, landscape architects, product suppliers, trade organisations,
        infrastructure managers, tier 1 and 2 contractors, designers and those with a role in managing
        geotechnical assets. 
Project Status
CIRIA is looking for specialist contractors and other interested parties to enable the project to be delivered by the Autumn of 2020, financial support is required to cover the costs of the project. 

Download a copy of the full proposal below.

Further information
To find out more contact Kieran Tully at CIRIA