SuDS adoption hierarchy and framework (P3142)

The adoption of SuDS remains the main barrier to SuDS delivery. The English non-statutory SuDS Standards request that Local Planning Authorities secure the longer term adoption of SuDS at the start of the planning application process. However, this seldom happens, or when it does there is a reliance on the use of land or SuDS management companies.

This project will build on the SuDS Adoption and maintenance options (2015) fact sheet developed for susdrain by Arup. The guidance will explain current approaches for SuDS adoption, include case studies, provide some critical success factors in making the options work and provide a hierarchy of options. This should facilitate SuDS adoption and delivery of multiple benefits as well as reduce the risks of failure. The project will also be flexible to accommodate any relevant outcomes from “Sewers for Adoption 8” that may facilitate the adoption of some SuDS components by sewerage undertakers and suggest a framework to enable the maintenance for the complete SuDS management train (including source control components).

Project status
A draft proposal has been developed and fundraising will begin soon.

Further information

For further information please contact Louise Walker at CIRIA.