Development of a consistent SuDS monitoring specification (P3139)

There is limited observed SuDS monitoring from the UK and the data we do have is often unique for that site, scheme and component. There is a wide variability in observed performance between events, seasons, sites due to the complex natural processes and differences in monitoring methodologies. The differences in monitoring approaches can make the comparison of SuDS performance data challenging, even for the same SuDS component.

Following a literature review and engagement with researchers this project will develop a specification for monitoring all SuDS components that provides baseline parameters and characteristics (primarily for hydraulic and water quality performance) that should be published and shared for monitored sites to enable robust and consistent comparisons. This specification will be disseminated and shared via susdrain.

Project status
A draft proposal has been developed and fundraising will begin soon.

Further information

For further information please contact Louise Walker at CIRIA.