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Making B£ST better - improving functionality (P3137)

CIRIA’s Benefits Estimation Tool (B£ST) and guidance has been used to value the benefits of blue-green infrastructure (with a focus on Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) and Natural Flood Management (NFM)) for several years. Feedback on B£ST has been very positive, with benchmarking suggesting it is the most robust tool freely available to assess the benefits of SuDS. However, it is now beneficial to update B£ST to account for spatial variation in benefits with an integrated Geographical Information System (GIS) user interface, which involves migrating B£ST to an online application to improve usability and the user experience.

We're exploring the opportunity for funds from Innovate UK and have the Environment Agency, Highways Agency and nearly all the English and Welsh WaSCs providing funds. We are looking to see if other organisation wishing to support the delivery of Blue-Green Infrastructure (BGI) is able to fund the project and benefit from privileged access to evidence and steer the development of B£ST.

Project status
We are currently seeking funding support for this project.

Further information

For further information and to get involved, please contact Louise Walker at CIRIA.

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