P3136 Deterioration modelling maturity assessment
tool for water and energy distribution infrastructure operators

Predicting the future is difficult, but for those responsible for the management of assets, it is necessary. Deterioration modelling essentially provides a systematic means of predicting the future, improving asset knowledge in support of the wider process of effective asset management. In particular, results from deterioration models can make an important contribution to the understanding of an asset's performance, risk, and how these might change over time; which is fundamental to the core asset management principles of informed planning and decision making.

Approaches to deterioration modelling have developed significantly in the last 20 years and over this period; a great quantity of academic literature has been published, giving details of specific methodologies and approaches. Many of these approaches are relatively complex, requiring significant specialist knowledge not typically held by those involved in the management and maintenance of civil engineering assets.

The output of this project will be an interactive maturity assessment tool with guidance providing a wealth of knowledge for practical application. The guidance will add to CIRIA’s extensive suite of water industry and whole-life infrastructure asset management good practice research.

Working together with British Water they had this to say: "Cross-industry collaboration is fundamental to help the water industry to deliver solutions and technologies that increase resilience and innovation. This collaboration aims to support, through British Water member’s expertise on asset performance and data modelling, the creation of a network of expertise that will help the water industry to find good practice and practical solutions on asset deterioration"

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