E-training for asbestos in soil (P3130)

Asbestos is toxic and a class 1 carcinogen known to cause serious illnesses such as lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis; and yet for many decades it was widely used in concrete, roofs etc. in the UK. Currently in the UK, about 5500 workers die of asbestos related disease every year. Poor disposal practices, demolition and other anthropogenic processes have resulted in asbestos often being present in the ground, particularly on brownfield sites.

Regulation 10 of CAR2012 stated that ‘Every employer must ensure that any employee is given adequate information, instruction and training where that employee is liable to exposure of asbestos’.

At the moment, most asbestos from soil training is classroom based and face-to-face. E-training can support face-to-face and other forms for training (e.g. mentoring) by letting delegates learn at their own pace and at a time that suits them. This also means that the organisations do not need to pay for staff having time off to be trained and therefore able to fulfil their duties under Regulation 10 of CAR2012 with smaller cost.

The course will have:
  • modules containing links to useful websites, case studies, contaminated land guidance publications to demonstrate practical issues
  • a quick test at the end of each module, and at the end of the course.
Project status
This project is due to commence autumn 2018.  

Further information

For further information or to get involved with this project please contact Joanne Kwan