Modelling for resilience – decision support tools for infrastructure  (P3128)

Increasingly,  our estimation of the resilience of infrastructure,  and decisions relating to capital and maintenance investments depend on us making assumptions about the physical behaviours of the environment within which the infrastructure is located particularly in relation to climate change. Access to greater computational power and new data capture methods are enabling sophisticated models to be developed and scenarios to be analysed and for results to be presented in animated and other graphical or visualisation formats that clearly show the effects of the various scenarios on the infrastructure system concerned.

However while the effects of the scenarios can be clearly communicated, the fundamental assumptions and basis of the models can be  less clear.
CIRIA’s industry-academia brokerage role in NERC’s Environmental Risk to Infrastructure Innovation programme is demonstrating the opportunities for research councils’ investment in such models to be exploited by industry.

A small working group is being formed to help scope this study, which is likely to consist of a review of current information, plus a series of modules/ information sheets each describing a particular class of model applications and their assumptions.


Initial scoping and identification of interestest researchers and industry sector users.

Further information

If you are interested in this topic, please contact Owen Jenkins at CIRIA.