Innovative site investigation club (P3076)

Investigation of land for different environmental issues is a complex and important stage of construction projects.

Investigation techniques have evolved substantially in the past decades particularly, increasing use of geophysical and remote sensing techniques for data acquisition and interpretation. Many of these techniques could be used in acquiring more than one types of data/information about the site. For example unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) that was highlighted in the recent EA paper, Collaborative research priorities for the Environment Agency 2016-2020 as a new monitoring techniques have been applied in land contamination and geotechnical investigations. Often the selection of techniques overcome some of the safety hazards posed in difficult access situations as well as offering programme and cost benefits.

This project will create a platform and a forum for the technical specialists and other professionals including clients, funders, etc to share the latest good practice, understand the cost, benefits and limitations, theory and practical, safe and cost effective application of good SI these new approaches for brownfield sites.

Project status
This project has started.

Further information
To find out more and get involved, please contact Joanne Kwan