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Working with wildlife – supporting effective management on construction projects (P3055)

Those working in the construction industry cannot fail to be aware of the plethora of environmental legislation, policy and management systems that surround us from worldwide, international, European, national and local government and regulators. In addition, the clients we work for, other interested parties – including the general public – and the organisations that employ us are also pressing for improvement of our environmental performance. The protection of wildlife is an area that is receiving increasing attention. 

It is therefore important that clients, designers, planners, suppliers, contractors and subcontractors understand and are able to respond to the challenges (i.e. legislative requirements) and opportunities (i.e. establishment of new habitats or enhancement of existing) presented by wildlife at the site level.

This project will update CIRIA’s Working with wildlife: guidance for the construction industry (C691) by reflecting changes in regulation, legislation and development in practice since its publication in 2011 to provide practical advice to maximise the opportunities to integrate and enhance biodiversity within construction projects to contribute to sustainable construction.

Project status
CIRIA is currently engaging stakeholders to secure funding support for the project.

Further information: 
For more information please contact Andy Moores at CIRIA.