The client's guide to data management frameworks (P3024)

Organisations need asset information to inform their capital investment strategy. This information is used to manage the creation, use and maintenance of physical assets and it must be complete, accurate and easily accessible if optimum asset performance is to be achieved. CIRIA’s National Infrastructure Clients Leadership Group (NICLG) have identified that many organisations do not have a clear strategy in place to manage asset data and it is an industry issue which is being exacerbated by the implementation of BIM and other digital tools.

NICLG identified a number of key issues where guidance would be helpful; effective data transfer between design teams and construction teams and also between construction teams and those involved in the operation and maintenance of assets. Areas where better guidance is required include:
  • Better, more efficient and cost-effective management of asset data
  • Guidance on the high level strategy, processes, data capture, provenance and suitability to support project and operational needs,
  • Capturing of construction information for use to inform operational and maintenance activities.
Project status
CIRIA is seeking industry involvement and funding for this proposal.

Further information
To find out more and get involved, please contact Kieran Tully at CIRIA.