Infrastructure assets - whole life design and management (P2980)

To produce an “intelligent index” to CIRIA’s suite of Infrastructure Asset Management guides followed by a suite of documents / modules that cover the principal activities and topics associated with the project appraisal, design, management, condition assessment and remediation approaches for infrastructure assets.   

The suite would draw on CIRIA’s range of existing infrastructure design and management guides produced over the last fifteen years which collectively represent over 7000 pages of guidance.

A staged approach is planned. Initial stages would focus on cross-referencing and indexing across CIRIA’s guides. Subsequent stages would involve integrating information across the guides into a series of modules covering different aspects. The current guides cover the inspection, assessment, operation and maintenance of: tunnels; iron and steel bridges; culverts; masonry arch bridges; infrastructure embankments; infrastructure cuttings; old water front walls; levees; rock in coastal engineering; coastal landfill sites; industrial and agricultural containment / storage; beach management; bridge scour; river weirs.

Project status
CIRIA is currently engaging stakeholders to secure funding support for the project.

Further information

Download the full proposal or contact Owen Jenkins at CIRIA.