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Expansion of environmental toolbox talks (P2995)

Increasing pressures are being placed on the construction industry to minimise impacts on the environment and neighbours and to embed the sustainability agenda into common practices. To help the industry meet these objectives, CIRIA have updated their Environmental good practice on site guide – fourth edition (C741, 2015) and Environmental good practice on site pocket book – fourth edition (to be published in 2016).

CIRIA has also produced a series of environmental toolbox talks (TBTs) in partnership with CECA and Build UK. These help raise site operatives’ awareness, train them and reduce incidents on site. This project would expand and update this series of TBTs to cover a number of additional topics, including water efficiency, lighting and traffic and travel management – CIRIA will liaise with CECA and Build UK to expand the suite of toolbox talks and provide up-to-date, comprehensive guidance and learning tools to the industry.

Project status

CIRIA is currently engaging stakeholders to secure funding support for the project.

Further information: 
For more information please contact Kimberley Lasi.