Accessing knowledge for sustainable construction

On 4th June a joint CIRIA Network, UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) and IEMA, seminar was held in London providing an introductory overview of knowledge and information resources for sustainable construction.

Included in the overview was the new Pinpoint website (launched by UKGBC at Ecobuild in March 2013), together with a presentation from Ed Dixon of Marks & Spencer on how they have been utilising knowledge resources to increase the sustainability of their built environment portfolio.


UKGBC’s new Pinpoint website provides a signposting service, which is particularly useful for those entering the field for the first time.

A selection of sources to relevant publications from CIRIA’s back catalogue that have been added to Pinpoint:

Delegates were given the opportunity to learn how other industry professionals use information resources and quiz the custodians of those resources. In the discussion session it was highlighted that Government and agency consultations should also be added to pinpoint, this was noted by Anna Surgenor, Senior Technical Advisor and spokesperson for UK Green Building Council.

The speakers’ presentations are available via the post-event information CIRIA webpage.