Building a Resilient Future 2014

Built environment project teams selected to participate in the Technology Strategy Board’s Design for Future Climate competition had some of their key learning points and recommendations discussed and disseminated for the final time at the Building a Resilient Future conference on 26th February 2014.

The conference enabled built environment professionals to share their latest thoughts on the role and implementation of climate change adaptation measures in helping to secure a more resilient future. Ultimately, this was the opportunity for project teams to share their findings and for the wider built environment community to engage with and share their own experiences and expertise on the topic.

Some of the key points coming out of the conference were:

  • Climate Ready aim to mainstream adaptation ideas and solutions in order to help businesses and other organisations be more resilient to a changing climate
  • Modelling professionals, architects, designers and contractors should interact more with the topic and be confident in the consideration of climate change adaptation measures
  • The handling and interpretation of climate datasets to inform design can be problematic at times
  • There is a lot that can be learnt from international practices i.e. New York’s recovery plan after the impact of Hurricane Sandy
  • Early consideration of the adaptation principle can help to ensure resilient and sustainable design features are included

To have access to the full project reports and factsheets submitted by the 48 project teams who entered the TSB competition please go on to the Modern Built Environment Knowledge Transfer Network: Climate change adaptation group page here: