CIRIA staff among top 50 rising stars in green construction

Building News has named CIRIA project managers Louise Clarke and Philip Charles among the top 50 rising stars in green construction.

Selected by leading figures in the sustainability sector, past rising star members, and Ecobuild speakers, nominations were recognised as brightest up-and-coming talent in the sustainability sector.

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Philip Charles also holds the position of Operations Director of CEEQUAL, the evidence-based sustainability Assessment and Awards Scheme for civil engineering.

The Scheme provides a rigorous and comprehensive sustainability rating system for project and contract teams, celebrating the commitment – and demonstration – of the civil engineering industry to achieving high environmental, economic and social performance. It can also influence significantly the development of projects and contracts by consideration and decisions on the issues behind the questions as the project progresses.

CEEQUAL rewards project and contract teams in which clients, designers and contractors go beyond the legal, environmental and social minima to achieve distinctive environmental and social performance in their work.

You can find further information about CEEQUAL here.

In her role at CIRIA, Louise Clarke focuses on sustainable construction looking at topics such as climate change adaptation, sustainable water management, sustainable procurement and green infrastructure and is project manager of the Biodiversity interest group (BIG). The Biodiversity interest group (BIG) brings industry experts from clients, contractors and consultants together to discuss biodiversity developments, achievements in the industry, government initiatives and more.

The next BIG event, Biodiversity offsetting, will be held on 27th March. Addressing this hotly discussed industry topic, the event aims to explore and understand the range of industry opinions that exist rather than to reach conclusions about the ´right’ approach.

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