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New guidance using drone technology for asset management 

CIRIA’s hotly anticipated guide Unmanned aerial vehicles for managing assets (C783) will enable clients, asset managers and those providing asset management services to better understand how drone technology can be used within their organisations to improve their asset management capability.

Asset-intensive industries such as infrastructure have much to gain, especially where assets are long-lived, complex or safety related. Access to infrastructure for inspection and maintenance or repair purposes can be expensive and potentially hazardous both to staff and operations or customers. 

Whilst aviation safety is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), which covers UAVs in the UK, there is little in the way of independent industry accepted guidance for their use within infrastructure asset management strategies. This CIRIA guide demonstrates how much easier and more efficient it can be to use UAVs. The guide also includes 25 case studies of UAV applications in managing assets.

Dr Alison Matthews, Geomatics Manager, Environment Agency and Chair of the CIRIA Project Steering Group commented “with the vast potential for unmanned aerial vehicles for management of assets, this definitive guide will make essential reading for both industry and the public sector, answering questions, allaying fears and accelerating adoption of these tools.”
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