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The role of blue-green infrastructure in climate change adaptation

We're thrilled to announce our 'Adapting to change using blue-green infrastructure' virtual conference sponsored by National Highways will take place on 6 October. This virtual event will bring together experts to share their knowledge and experience as they address the urgent need to unlock the multiple benefits of blue-green infrastructure and adapt to the impacts of climate change on our communities and habitats. 

Join us as we explore why climate change experts are calling for urgent action and how the multiple benefits of blue-green infrastructure play a leading role in climate change adaptation and building resilient settlements. Delegates at the event will also gain insight into visionary projects, methods for tangible measurements of blue-green infrastructure, and understand how engaging governments, businesses, and communities is key to effectively managing and maintaining the value of blue-green infrastructure. 

Kathryn Brown, Director for Climate Change, The Wildlife Trusts (on secondment from the Climate Change Committee) and keynote speaker commented “The UK is among the most nature-depleted countries in the world. It is also facing unprecedented levels of climate change. But we can change; individuals and businesses can act to help to turn these crises around. Every bit of action matters, and investing in blue-green infrastructure has the brilliant potential to address both crises simultaneously. We need to talk about these benefits much more, and work together to find ways to remove barriers to major investment in blue-green solutions across the country.”

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