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The role of blue-green infrastructure in green recovery

We're thrilled to announce our 'Delivering and monitoring blue-green infrastructure' conference will take place on 15 October. This virtual event will bring together experts to share their knowledge and experience as they address how to practically maximise the opportunities for the delivery of blue- green infrastructure benefits. 

Join us as we explore how blue-green infrastructure can be mainstreamed and how investment in national blue-green infrastructure will effect positive change and help us build more resilient settlements. Delegates at the event will also gain insight into visionary projects, understand how opportunity can support national policy and learn the importance of monitoring to demonstrate and maintain its value. 

Dr Mark Fletcher, Global Water Business Leader, Director, Arup and Debate panelist commented “I’m delighted to be joining the impressive speaker line up at this virtual event. We must work much more in-tune with nature to maximise its benefits. Consideration of blue-green infrastructure thinking from the inception of a development is key to creating a sustainable, resilient future – that can be regenerative and restorative for the built environment and beyond. I look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience at Arup in working across a range of global projects which have adopted a blue-green approach.” 

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