The BIG Challenge - do one thing

Biodiversity enhancements need to be at the centre of our design and engineering process but it can often be daunting to know where to start and how to incorporate biodiversity into developments. This is especially true if the development is in the construction stage as it is difficult to make changes at that stage of the project. The CIRIA Biodiversity Interest Group wants to demonstrate that small enhancements are a first step in engaging and understanding biodiversity so that these measures can be built on and ultimate biodiversity becomes a greater consideration in our towns and cities.

The Challenge
The BIG 'Do one thing' Challenge is to add just one new biodiversity enhancement on each site or development. It can be something simple, from adding hanging baskets with native wildflowers, to creating bug hotels. These measures can be permanent features of the development or temporary during the construction phase. It can range from creating biodiversity champions to engaging with the local community. Once one method has been completed the enhancement can be transferred to the next site and built upon.

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Get involved! If you're interested in joining the challenge, please contact CIRIA by email: or tel: 020 7549 3300.