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New guidance: Structural Health Monitoring in civil engineering (C788)

CIRIA is pleased to announce the launch of new good practice guidance Structural Health Monitoring for civil engineering (C788).

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) in asset management has grown in use because of the  need for civil infrastructure to have a longer and more informed life, coupled with recent developments in technology. With better information and understanding gained from SHM it provides support to those responsible and/or tasked with making engineering judgements and decisions on when and how to intervene in the life cycle of infrastructure assets.

This new CIRIA guide shows how SHM can become an integral part of civil infrastructure asset management and describes the role of different stakeholders in making the necessary SHM design and management processes effective. The capability and impact of SHM when applied to civil infrastructure assets are examined. The guide provides a summary of ‘what to think of’ and ‘how to think about it’ with sufficient technical detail and helps support business cases to adopt SHM.

This guidance will be invaluable to civil infrastructure owners and operators, client advisors, specifiers, designers, managers and maintainers.

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