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New CIRIA guidance: Pipework, valves and associated equipment in dams (C789) 

CIRIA is delighted to announce the much awaited Pipework, valves and associated equipment in dams (C789) guidance is now available to purchase from the CIRIA website.

The recent Whaley Bridge Dam emergency demonstrates how the failure of dam equipment could have potentially catastrophic consequences. As poor maintenance is one of the four primary causes of dam failure, CIRIA’s new guide sets out practical guidelines on the effective operation, maintenance and implementation of any works related to pipework systems in existing dams.

The guidance draws on 20 years’ experience in overcoming challenges and delivering good practice in UK dam maintenance, addressing the gaps in available guidance with respect to the selection and operation of valves and gates in dam structures.

Peter Kelham, co-author of CIRIA guide, All Reservoirs Panel Engineer at Arup stated ‘An essential guide for dam owners, operators and engineers responsible for maintaining the safe operation of reservoir pipework and valve systems by providing detailed guidance on the operation, maintenance, monitoring, risk assessment and management, condition assessment techniques, risk control measures for rehabilitation and abandonment, design considerations and safe implementation of works related to pipework systems.’

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To order a copy of the guidance click here.