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London Gatwick Airport enhances safety and biodiversity management with new geospatial platform

London Gatwick Airport has recently implemented a new geospatial platform utilising Esri's GIS technology. This platform integrates various spatial data, including information on critical infrastructure, environmental features, and historical data, spanning the airport's 70-year history. By consolidating this data into a single view and employing advanced spatial analysis tools, mobile apps, and dashboards, the platform enables better collaboration and decision-making across multiple operational areas.

One notable application of this platform is its support for London Gatwick's Biodiversity Action Plan, aimed at achieving a biodiversity net gain by 2030. With 75 hectares of diverse habitats within the airport boundaries, the platform incorporates environmental data such as stewardship areas, wildlife habitats, and carbon emissions of built assets. Utilising insights from the GIS, the airport can plan construction works to minimise environmental impact and identify opportunities to enhance biodiversity. Additionally, the platform provides visibility into the embodied carbon of assets, aiding in sustainability decisions regarding demolitions or new constructions.

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