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New CIRIA guidance demonstrates innovative InSAR and Earth Observation Techniques for Infrastructure

Earth Observation (EO) encompasses an extremely broad suite of technologies that have come of age over the past 15 years and are expanding into a new era of cloud processing, very high resolution and near real-time service delivery. Technological improvements have brought spaceborne EO data products to the point where their spatial and temporal resolutions are of immediate relevance and benefit to the infrastructure community.

Dr Philippa Mason, Imperial College London, author of C805, commented, "You may have heard of InSAR and Earth Observation; you may know they are useful for site monitoring, but you have no idea where to begin. This guide will help you understand what these are and how to use them wisely, using case studies to illustrate a variety of applications. The guidance is the essential introduction to both Earth Observation and InSAR techniques, for anyone working in infrastructure."

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