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New guidance for Fibre Reinforced Polymer bridges 

 On 21 November 2018, Composites UK will launch a new design guide will be launched at a CIRIA hosted event. 

The adoption of Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) materials within the construction sector has historically been limited to lightweight non-structural elements such as sanitary items and cladding. More recently, the use of FRPs as main structural members has seen a resurgence. Bridges made entirely of FRP are now being installed, with asset owners recognising the associated benefits.

The projected growth for the UK in the use of FRPs for structural applications in the construction sector suggests high levels of growth with the UK Composites Strategy 2016 (Composite Leadership Forum, 2016) estimating significant growth. In addition, there are numerous technological advancements that will make composites a much more attractive solution.

Composites UK has been working with industry to develop a document to help bridge engineers to understand composites and how they can use them effectively in modern bridge construction. The new design guide covers the history of FRP bridges in the UK, together with some of the key learning points relating to FRPs, the manufacturing process, the relevant design criteria and related sustainability considerations, with recommendations made. 

The guide is intended to be a reference document for bridge engineers and asset owners. It is not a prescriptive design text/standard, although it does aim to highlight key lessons learnt by the industry to aid future applications, so engineers should be familiar with the content, and use the guide to help inform discussions with the supply chain and bridge owners.

To register for the launch event click here.
Details on how to download the free guide will be available shortly.