Construction industry has say on BIM

78% of the construction industry believes that BIM will affect future projects, a survey has found. The National BIM survey, carried out by the NBS and supported by CIRIA, questioned almost 1000 construction professionals across the industry including architects, engineers and surveyors.

Over 200 RIBA members also took part in the survey, highlighting BIM’s growing influence.

Key findings included:

  • 78% of respondents agree that BIM is the future of project information, though how that future will look is uncertain, with 4 out of 5 agreeing that the industry is not yet clear on what BIM actually is.
  • 31% of construction professionals are now using BIM – up from 13% in 2010.
  • Three quarters of construction professionals who are currently aware of BIM predict that they will be using it on some projects by the end of 2012.
  • More than 80% agree that BIM increases the coordination of construction documents.

Visit the NBS website for more information on the survey and to download the full report.