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New guidance: Code of practice for property flood resilience (C790)

CIRIA is pleased to announce that the eagerly anticipated Guidance on the code of practice for property flood resilience (C790B) is now available to download freely from the CIRIA bookshop. Guidance on Making your property more flood resilient – How the code of practice for property flood resilience can help (C790C) is also freely available for households and businesses.

Property flood resilience (PFR) is an crucial part of the response to flood risk and the newly developed guidance for the code of practice (CoP) includes measures that reduce the impact of flooding on people and property, enabling households and businesses to reduce flood damage, speed up recovery and reoccupation of previously flooded properties.

David Balmforth, Chair of the Project Steering Group commented: “The guidance and code of practice will help householders and businesses obtain independent professional advice and secure reliable and affordable installation so that they can be more confident that their premises are made resilient to flooding according to their needs." 

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