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Celebrating SuDS: susdrain SuDS Awards 2018

CIRIA is delighted to announce that our first susdrain SuDS* Awards is now open for entries. The Awards invite leaders from across the construction industry to showcase outstanding and innovative SuDS schemes, with a focus on projects that deliver multiple benefits beyond drainage alone.

SuDS are becoming an increasingly visible and functioning part of our landscapes and with support from Government to increase the uptake and delivery of SuDS - as seen in last week’s 25 Year Environment Plan - this trend is likely to continue. With increased implementation, comes increased acceptance and improvements to their design and construction. susdrain’s inaugural SuDS Awards has been established to encourage high quality planning, design, construction and maintenance of sustainable drainage and will showcase the best SuDS that are being or have been implemented over recent years.

Suzanne Simmons, Project Manager, CIRIA says: “We are seeing SuDS mainstreamed in many scenarios, accepted as an effective and attractive means of delivering multiple benefits to society and the environment. It seems only natural now, with so many truly great SuDS out there that we seek to celebrate these schemes and the people who champion and deliver them. The susdrain SuDS Awards is our way of continuing to champion good practice whilst helping to promote SuDS and their multiple benefits across the wider community; as well as saying a ‘big thanks’ to the community for their perseverance, innovation and patience in achieving excellence.”

The 2018 Awards will feature three award categories covering both retrofit and new-build SuDS as well as a SuDS Champion and overall winner. Submitting your SuDS scheme is easy and it’s free to enter. You have until Friday, 30th March 2018 to submit! For more information on how to enter, please visit

The winners will be announced at an Awards ceremony which will take place on Wednesday, 18 July 2018 at City Hall in London. For future information on how to enter please visit or contact [email protected].

*Sustainable drainage systems