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CIRIA welcomes Pinssar to Membership

CIRIA is pleased to welcome Pinssar as a member of CIRIA.

Pinssar developed the world’s first real-time diesel particulate matter (DPM) monitoring system capable of measuring emissions in the critical sub-800nanometre particle range, helping companies provide safer, healthier work environments where diesel machinery operates, and hazardous particulate levels are present.

Pinssar’s addition to CIRIA membership adds further international reach (Australian owned company), giving all members more opportunities to learn and collaborate with their peers across the globe.

Francois is pleased that companies can now purposefully collect data about the conditions in which workers are exposed, allowing decisions to be made and DPM controls to be put in place to improve the wellbeing of workers.

Dirk Vennix, Chief Executive at CIRIA had this to say “Recognising the health risks involved in operating diesel machinery, I’m pleased to welcome Pinssar and their passion for safer environments to membership and looking forward to our collaborative efforts to improve worker safety in construction and built environment”

Francois Velge, Manging Director at Pinssar commented “I am pleased to be a member of CIRIA alongside many proactive companies in the construction sector who are equally passionate about improving worker safety. I believe the message about the importance of monitoring to measure DPM can be spread throughout the CIRIA network.”

Discover more about Pinssar here.
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