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CIRIA welcomes Durham University to Membership

CIRIA is pleased to announce Durham University as its latest member, joining the growing number of academic institutions engaging with CIRIA to highlight and enhance knowledge sharing as well as collaboration opportunities across construction and the built environment.

Durham is a world top 100 university with a global reputation for excellence in research and education. Durham University Research and Innovation Services (RIS) provides guidance, expert advice and hands-on support for all aspects of research and research-related work, including securing funding, working with partners, undertaking knowledge exchange, demonstrating impact, commercialising outputs, ensuring good research practice and supporting professional development.

Jim Fraser, Senior Business Development Manager in the Research and Innovation Services had this to say: “We are delighted to become members of CIRIA, as there are a number of areas of research at Durham University which will benefit from being more engaged with emerging policies, requirements, developments and guidance in the construction industry. We are looking forward to the increased opportunities for sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas.”

Check out our full list of Members on the website here or visit our Member spotlight page to find out more, and if you would like to become a member click here, or contact Sarah Macpherson on 020 7540 3300 or [email protected]