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CIRIA welcomes City of Glasgow College to Membership

CIRIA is pleased to welcome City of Glasgow College into the growing network of academic institutions within CIRIA membership, encouraging collaboration with the industry and the sharing of knowledge across the built environment.

The UK’s top performing college, City of Glasgow College offers a wide range of subjects including mechanical and maritime engineering while delivering 420 modern apprenticeships; 3162 work experience placements; 3467 work-based learning projects and work directly with 1500 industry partners.

City of Glasgow College commented: “City of Glasgow College is delighted to be working with CIRIA across the Built Environment. This collaboration will ensure that all our stakeholders will continue to be innovators and leaders within the field of education and construction. The utilisation of joint resources will ensure that both CIRIA and City of Glasgow College maintain their prominent position both nationally and internationally.”

Check out our full list of Members on the website here or visit our Member spotlight page to find out more, and if you would like to become a member click here, or contact Sarah Macpherson on 020 7540 3300 or [email protected]