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CIRIA conference to tackle resource efficiency & circular economy in construction

For a number of years the construction industry has been continually adapting to embed sustainable strategy and practice as a fundamental part of the project delivery process.  CIRIA’s latest initiative to support professionals across construction and the built environment will provide unique insight in the approach and application of circular economy and resource efficiency in construction and development. 

Boasting a highly regarded panel of experts and leading industry thinkers - including esteemed speaker and Co-Chair of the UN’s Global Environment Outlook report, Dr Paul Ekins - this event will bring together a range of disciplines from clients, contractors, consultancy and supply chain. There is increasing awareness that improved material resource efficiency will produce benefits across the construction industry such as cost savings, reduced environmental impact and an enhanced reputation. This event will look at how adopting different approaches can help businesses to reduce costs and identify innovative strategies, services and products to meet the changing needs of society. 

Kimberley Lasi, Project Manager, CIRIA said; “Adopting circular economy and resource efficiency principles is critical to the future sustainability of the construction industry. With growing pressure and policy focus at European, national and local levels to reduce waste, companies are increasingly seeking to incorporate circularity and resource efficiency as a significant part of their sustainability strategy. This conference will allow industry professionals to improve their knowledge on these topics as well as learn from each other’s challenges and successes.”

The conference, hosted by AECOM, will take place on Thursday 26 April 2018, London, 9.30am - 5pm. To find out more or to book your place at the event please visit