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CIRIA to produce two new good practice guidance civil engineering projects

CIRIA is pleased announce the launch of two new projects; Structural Health Monitoring systems for civil infrastructure (RP1066) and Grouted anchors and soil nails condition appraisal and remedial treatment (RP1061).

Both projects, led and advised by separate project steering groups (PSG) made up of funders and a broad range of technical industry experts from across industry, will set out to produce good practice guidance to support asset owners, engineers and other stakeholders in the delivery, inspection, testing and maintenance of safe infrastructure and assets. 

CIRIA, following input from the projects committees, are delighted to appoint Gavin and Doherty Geosolutions as authors of RP1061 and AECOM for project RP1066.

John O’Donovan, Gavin and Doherty Geosolutions, said; “Gavin and Doherty Geosolutions is delighted to have been appointed by CIRIA to prepare the latest guidance document in relation to ground anchor and soil nail performance. Grouted (Ground) Anchors and Soil Nails - condition appraisal and remedial treatment will review current methods of inspection, monitoring, testing and maintenance of grouted anchors and soil nails. We look forward to working closely with CIRIA, the project sponsors, and steering committee to ensure the success of this practical and timely project”.

Peter Sparkes & John Webb, AECOM
said; "We are very pleased to be working with CIRIA again after the recent Hidden defects in bridges (C764). This project will produce a succinct guidance report on how structural health monitoring (SHM) can be an integral part of civil infrastructure asset management and the role of different stakeholders in making the design and management process effective. The guide will detail the capability and impact of SHM when applied to civil infrastructure assets.”

Both projects are now underway. To find out more about these projects please click the links below. 

 Structural Health Monitoring systems for civil infrastructure (RP1066)

Grouted anchors and soil nails condition appraisal and remedial treatment (RP1061).