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New Geospatial Community of Practice

Geospatial data has long been integral to the built environment and construction industry. In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, there is a pivotal opportunity to promote collaboration and educate stakeholders at all levels, instilling confidence in first-time or infrequent users.

We're pleased to announce the launch of the new Geospatial Community of Practice designed to facilitate discussions, share good practice, and address challenges in geospatial data utilisation.

Join us at the launch event on 12 June 2024 where speakers from Asterra, Environment Agency, Geofem, Ordnance Survey, Sixense, and the Welsh Government will discuss the industry's maturity and address key challenges in early geospatial solution adoption in the construction sector.

To find out more and to book a space at the launch event click here.


To learn more about the new Geospatial Community of Practice or get involved please contact:

Jack Young, Project Manager
[email protected]