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CIRIA announces new guidance Repurposing and Reconfiguring Buildings (C806)

Repurposing and reconfiguring of existing buildings has emerged as a powerful tool to reduce embodied carbon and promote sustainability. Building reuse not only preserves valuable resources but also offers immediate opportunities for transformation. With the aim of supporting this crucial endeavour, a panel of industry experts has come together to provide high-level guidance and inform decision-making processes.

Phillip Egan, Arup, author of C806, commented, "Repurposing and reusing existing buildings are an increasingly large proportion of UK construction activity as the industry redoubles its efforts to move towards a net zero society. This document provides high-level guidance to clients, construction industry professionals and design teams. It highlights both the range of opportunities available to transform existing buildings and discusses solutions to common challenges that may be encountered during both design and construction."

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Register for the launch webinar to be hosted on 14 June 2023.